Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meanwhile, across the pond, the politicians took care of their own.

And to hell with the kids he was raping all those years.
Tim Farron, who was elected party president in 2010, insisted fears that Smith’s abuse of young boys was hushed up must be fully investigated.

His comments came just a day after the party leader Nick Clegg called for police to probe allegations that senior politicians had covered up decades of abuse by “an organised paedophile ring” at the heart of the British establishment, which included Smith.

In 2012, Greater Manchester police revealed Smith, a former Rochdale MP, who died in 2010 aged 82, had abused eight young boys at a hostel he helped run in the town in the 1960s.
So, Greater Manchester Police, where the HELL were you?  Aside from apparently kissing ass and ignoring this?
Ah, must be really nice to be of the 'proper' class...
Speaking on BBC Radio 4, he said: “The party absolutely, as the Labour Party must also... and indeed Rochdale civic society as a whole need to answer serious questions as to who knew what and when.”
However, the assholes are working hard to protect the guilty:
But the Liberal Democrats have rejected repeated calls for a public inquiry into who knew what within the party.
Oh, of course they are!  And
The Crown Prosecution Service has said Smith should have been prosecuted during his lifetime.
No SHIT?  You think MAYBE?

I'm going to close this out before I blow a gasket.

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Windy Wilson said...

Somebody needs to be defenistrated over this. It's too late for Smith, but maybe some police and some others who knew and did a Cardinal Mahoney. Maybe whatever they do to the Catholic church, perhaps even to disbanding, they could do to the British Parliament. Whoever steps in to fill the vacuum couldn't do a worse job than the clots they have now.