Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore, Reason # I can't remember

Great excuse for being a abusive jerk with a badge:' You should've known your neighbors.'
Sheriff's Deputy Ivan Rodriguez, you're a jerk hiding behind a badge.  Simple as that.

We could use a few of Mr. Farage here.
Then, in 2010, Farage became a global Internet sensation by raining on the EU's most ridiculous parade — the inaugural appearance by the first supposed "President of Europe," not a popularly elected or even parliamentarily accountable figure but just another backroom deal by the commissars of Eutopia. The new "President" was revealed to be, after the usual Franco-German stitch-up, a fellow from Belgium called Herman van Rompuy. "Who are you?" demanded Farage from his seat in the European Parliament during President van Rompuy's address thereto. "No one in Europe has ever heard of you." Which was quite true. One day, Mr. van Rompuy was an obscure Belgian, the next he was an obscure Belgian with a business card reading "President of Europe." But, as is his wont, Nigel warmed to his theme and told President van Rompuy that he had "the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk." A few days later, having conferred in their inner sanctum, the Eurocrats ordered Farage to make a public apology. So he did — to low-grade bank clerks for having been so ill-mannered as to compare them to President van Rompuy. He was then fined 2,980 euros (about $4,000) for his impertinence, since when he has referred to the European president as Rumpy-Pumpy, a British synonym for a bloody good shag.

But don't worry, Obamacare will be ALL different...
"My individual case is horrible," said Oliver Mitchell, a former Marine who in 2009 exposed the mass cancellation of medical appointments to hide long backlogs at the veterans’ hospital in Los Angeles.

Mitchell was stripped of his duties, put on administrative leave and eventually separated from the agency shortly after he reported the purging of medical appointments to the inspector general.

The IG closed Mitchell's complaint after VA officials claimed the "mass purge" of appointments was within policy. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the agency that is supposed to protect whistleblowers, also dropped his case.
Mitchell said he got no help from either office....

"I think that’s the culture of the agency. When you don’t join the party line this is what they do to you," Mitchell said.
Amazing how many people I know who say "Yes, this is terrible, but Obamacare will be DIFFERENT!  It will WORK!"
In a pigs ass.

I have now scraped more than half the bedroom floor; that's a LOT of flakes of old finish.  Now I've got to get boxes so I can move the books downstairs, then the shelves so I can scrape under them and so forth.  Once that's all done, move everything else, rent the sander and buy pads and sand it, raise the grain and sand lightly again, then the finish.  It'll mean a few days sleeping on the couch, but I think it should come out well.


Phssthpok said...

Actual footage of Farage ripping Rumpouy for those who are interested:

And one of my personal favorite of Farage:

Anonymous said...

Cop Assaults Air Force Captain for Not Knowing His Neighbor, Suggests He Could Have Tased or Shot Him Instead

...and he would have shot and killed me if he had drawn his weapon, and he would have been fully justified in killing me...

Does he know that works both ways?