Thursday, May 22, 2014

If you're not familiar with the current bout of 'Stone the heretic!' 'liberal' bullshit

involving writers, I'd suggest a visit to Mr. Williamsons' place for a properly profane description and response.  As a teaser:
And then EMCS or whatever his name is spit his binky, shit his diaper, screamed for mommy, and demanded Uncle Timmy be stricken from the list.

Lots of other sandy genitalia piled on, in an orgy of bliss. AHA!  We have someone to hate!  Life is good!

The Gold Medal goes to the person whom I won't embarrass by name, who said, "Well, I don’t know who he is or what he said, but I guess this is for the best."

"Liberal" "Tolerance" in action. Someone said he said something bad, BAN HIM!
Also, just because I like it,
I commented that Mel Brooks certainly wouldn't be welcome, with his jokes about Jews, gays, blacks and rape.  I got snidely reminded that "You do realize that Mel Brooks is Jewish, right?"

Oh, right. That TOTALLY justifies racist, homophobic and rape culture humor.  Silly me.  So, what jokes can blacks tell? What jokes can gays tell?  We already know white people can't tell jokes at all (even if the Klan DID go after Tim's Catholic, Italian ancestors). 
I got no answer.  Apparently, it's okay to make offensive jokes if you're something, but not if you're something else, because racist.

Predictably, that thread turned into…a thread of racist, sexist and homophobic jokes.  Last I checked, it was still there.

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Jerry The Geek said...

I'm glad that I'm not "The Only One" who reads Mr. Z and the Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse.

Frankly, I can never follow the thread. I'm a SF gonzo for over 50 years; I just buy the books, read 'em, and go "WOW! When's the next book coming out?"

As for the cat-fighting and back-biting and general bitchiness in the "SF COMMUNITY" ... I couldn't possible care less.

Fandom is too much trouble to be worth the effort. And the conversations are demeaning to everyone involved, even parenthetically.

So, thank you for the link, but I think I'll just go bitch about gun-related topics.

I really do prefer to talk to, and read about, "normal people".

You know ... folks that spend more time shooting bullets than shooting their mouths of, as we have seen in the SF Con realm of fantasy.