Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This is what separates a piece of history from 'just another gun'.

Was looking for something else at Tam's place and ran across this(which I'd forgotten).  Which reminded me of something:

I don't write much of what I own, but I have a rifle that appears to be a standard WWII K98 German Mauser.  Which it was.  Look closer, and the German proofs have all been defaced with a couple of chisel marks each.  Scan on around and you'll find a small six-pointed star stamped into the top of the receiver ring.

When lots of surviving Jews were fleeing Europe after the war to what was then the British Protectorate of Palestine, they- and those who'd always been there- knew they needed arms, both for current protection and for the future.  And most of what they could get was from Europe, either stuff produced on German machinery or to German patterns, but there was a LOT of war surplus stuff available.  And they weren't in a position to be picky.

This is one of those later rebarreled to 7.62x51(doubt there are many left in the original 8mm).  I like it for two reasons.  One is the historical aspect.  The other is that a part of my soul delights in knowing that Hitler & Co. are gnashing their teeth in hell at the knowledge that a bunch of Jews used Nazi-produced arms to help create and defend the state of Israel.


Gerry N. said...

I wanted an Israeil K98k simply because it was in 7.62 NATO. All I could find that I could almost afford were far too expensive and beat to crap. I did find a Chilean Steyr M98 variant fitted with Remington 03-A3 2-groove barrel (Bought from the US Gummit for 85 cents in '61) re-profiled to K-98 specs and rechambered to 7.62 Nato. It is a Chileno Modelo 1912/62 short rifle and is in nearly as-new condition. My search for a decent Israeli K98 continues. The Modelo 1912/62 is as accurate as it can be considering who the driver is. One of Bambi's daddies has already succumbed to it's siren call. Witn a re-bulleted Indian cartridge, no less. Wonders do not cease

I've been offered $350 for my $50 wonder. I'm keepin', it shoots.

tkdkerry said...

Ah... gotta love the Israeli Mausers. Mauser action, 7.62 NATO chambering, and the sweet irony of a Nazi weapon turned to good. I'm not into naming my firearms, but this one I named Cherut.