Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is Moms Demand Action a hate group?

“Seeing people intimidate you with guns, that’s something the Taliban would approve of, not our founding fathers, … That is not what the Second Amendment is intended to do”.
Shannon Watts, MDA

“American mothers will not allow a depraved, vocal minority to sully or smear the memory of the victims of Sandy Hook”.
Shannon Watts, MDA

“This is a coffee company that has championed progressive issues, … They’ve positioned themselves about being about the human spirit – that was so at odds with this policy that allowed guns inside their stores”.
Shannon Watts, MDA

“If people continue to be disruptive and open carry I am confident they will not let them in their stores and take action. And if they don’t we will come back at them full force”.
Shannon Watts, MDA

“The jury did their very best but they were hamstrung by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, … The law basically legalizes armed vigilantes”.
Shannon Watts, MDA

“But in the absence of reason, the vocal minority — including Ms. Loesch and gun lobbyists — will continue to drive our nation’s gun policy, endangering our children and families”.
Shannon Watts, MDA

Yes.  Next observation:
. . . Not all insecure people are haters, but all haters are insecure people.”
“Fascinating”, I thought. This explains why most of my attempts at “reasonable” and “sensible” dialog with gun control advocates results in being blocked by whatever means the social platform makes available. It has nothing to do with me personally, or the things that I say to them – this happens to most gun rights supporters consistently and predictably.
There's more.

Ten bad pieces of internet gun advice.  I like this one:
9. You don’t need an AR-15!

If you’re ever the victim of a home invasion, you “need” about 14 miniguns, a howitzer or two, and a MK-19 Automatic Grenade launcher. Those tools are just not very practical, so you get by with what you have. Allowing people to define “need” is a slippery downhill slope that never ends well. Next time someone tells you that you don’t “need” an AR-15, ask them if they “need” a car that goes faster than 60 miles per hour, bacon or periodic bathing. We don’t “need” anything beyond air, water, shelter and calories.

Ref The Project, I should note I have both the Kuhnhausen shop manuals on the 1911, and I'm using them.  Oh yeah.
And damn, I hadn't looked at prices in a while; I'm glad I bought them years back.

Erwin Chemerinsky is what passes as a law professor in Californicated; no wonder the place is so screwed.  A couple of his hits:
California law generally prohibits individuals from carrying concealed weapons. Such laws are common throughout the United States.
Excuse me? This isn’t true in California, and it’s not true at all in the rest of the country. A total prohibition was not the issue in Peruta, it was the interpretation of what constituted “good cause” to apply for a carry license. Illinois remained the last hold-out on the issue for several years, and they recently started allowing licensed concealed carry when the 7th circuit court of appeals struck down the prohibition. How can an “expert” on the Second Amendment not know this?
From 1791 until 2008, the Supreme Court always had held that the Second Amendment means what it says and that it protects only a right to have firearms for purposes of “militia” service.
Name the case where the Supreme Court said this? There isn’t one. Even the Miller Court did not go this far. I’m not going to rehash all this, because all the relevant scholarship on the matter was presented to the Heller court, and we prevailed. This is now settled law, and Chermerinsky is on the other side of it.

Og saw the new Cosmos; he didn't approve.
If you didn’t expect this to be a Malthusian leftist propaganda piece, you should have been clued in by wingnuthead flapping his cocksocket by way of introduction to it. And the language, which was typically leftist: “Those trees from ancient forest became coal which both powers and imperils us” Sure, you monkey. In the way Oxygen imperils us. Our civilization is far more in danger from oxygen than it is from coal , but we have to point out that coal is icky and bad. 

yes, it was slick and well produced. it is already full of scientific contradictions which anyone with a brain can see, and it is specifically designed and has been rewritten to pound home the already discredited message of anthropogenic climate change. Tyson is no dummy, scientifically, but he has also fallen into the trap of providing the answers his financial benefactors want to hear.

And last for this morning, what happens when the politically-correct racists come out to play.
The invite made it clear white people were not invited.
The email read: "If you want to create space for white folks to meet and work on racism, white supremacy, and white privilege to better our campus community and yourselves, please feel free to do just that."

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