Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Italy;

I have a response:
And, just to make the point, for your viewing pleasure,
The modern sling; deal with it, folks.


Keith said...

Well done Armalite

The Italian politicians are welcome to drum up more publicity.

Irish airline Ryan Air is expert at this, even if they get fined several hundred thousand (I can't remember how much the former french president and his wife Carla Bruni went after them for, when Ryan Air used a photo of the couple in an ad without asking permission) it still buys far more than that figure in publicity.

Possible next phases would one standing upright beside the leaning tower of Pisa, on an Etruscan Vase, or stood in a Tuscan walled hill town

skidmark said...

Once ArmaLite knew Italy held property rights to the image they should have negotiated to pay for both past and future use. It's what law-abiding folks do.

Yes, I have some problems with anybody (especially a State) holding use rights to images of a classic piece of art, it happens to be the way things are. Convince them through the court of public opinion to give it up if you can. But until then respect both the fact and the legality of the fact.

stay safe.