Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dear EUnuchs:

Piss off.

Sincerely, etc.

McCain is still a miserable, two-faced, backstabbing asshole.

From the Dark and Fascist State of Illinois:
An Illinois sheriff’s department is selling the guns it seizes from crime scenes, but civil libertarians wonder whether it has the authority to do so — and whether gun owners whose weapons were wrongfully confiscated are victimized by the policy.
In on such trade, the department exchanged 11 pistols, shotguns and rifles to a local arms dealer in exchange for two assault rifles, according to documents obtained by Illinois Watchdog.

Cox may have even transferred the guns from the department to himself, or vice versa. Darrell Cox Gunsmithing billed the County $1,243 for gun-related charges, according to invoices.
Sounds like he's got a racket going on.

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