Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Project, Part 3

Starting with checking fit of the slide to the new frame.  Sliding it on carefully it was snug until about 2/3 on, then got tight.  Not 'not moving until you work on the rails' tight, but needed some work.  Which was a lot better than I'd expected: the description notes that they make the rails oversize so you can fit them, and I'd half-expected to have to take a fine stone and polish things a bit to get to this point.

It being this close, all I did was put some Metal Glo metal polish- it's a cream with an extremely fine abrasive- on the frame rails in the rear 1/3 and start working them together.  About five minutes later, used brake cleaner to flush it all off and then repeated, then flushed and oiled.  Now you hold it vertically and the slide will drop all the way under its own weight.  At which point I'm leaving it alone.

I'd already found that the plunger tube fits right on(haven't installed it yet), so now checked the ejector.  This has two legs and fits into the top of the frame. 

There's a cross-hole drilled for the locking pin; you mark where the pin will contact the front leg, and file a notch there, and after placing the ejector in place put in the pin.  Idea is to file the notch just a touch above the center of the hole, so the pin forces it down and locks it in TIGHT.

Haven't installed it as yet, did make sure the legs weren't too long and needed shortening, then with it in place(yes, fits tight as it should) put the slide on to see if it contacted anywhere; if it does, file and/or stone time to clear it.  Happily,

it clears just about perfectly.  You can't see it, but this is my happy face about that.

I've tried the grip screw bushings in the frame, all's well there.  This frame won't use the grip safety from the Kimber unless I cut down the spurs on the frame and profile them to fit; what I think I'll do is use a standard non-beavertail grip safety for now, and if I don't get bit by the hammer I'll just stick with it.

I've done the beavertail fitting before; not difficult, as long as you take your time: mark, file, try, repeat.  Two reasons I'm not doing it now: one is if I do I'll need to get another grip safety for the old frame, and damn near every one I can find has that speed bump at the bottom, and I don't like them; two is if the standard safety works, why not use it?  Anything that simplifies matters, I like.

I did try one more thing: put the barrel, recoil spring and slide lock on and check lockup.  Assuming I have some idea what I'm doing, looks like it'll work just right.  Which means no fitting on the barrel lugs or messing with a new link.  See 'simplifies' above.

So far, so good.  This will take a bit, I'm NOT going to rush this.  And since the big Tulsa show is coming up soon, if I need parts I'll make a list and take it if I can go.

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