Friday, March 14, 2014

Yeah, you can trust federal prosecturors.

To commit crimes and ethical violations, and get away with it.
Hundreds of federal prosecutors over the past decade have committed serious misconduct, but the Justice Department has refused to release the names of the offenders, according to a report released Thursday.

From 2002 through last year, the department’s office of professional responsibility documented more than 650 infractions. Most were categorized as “reckless” or “intentional misconduct,” the Project on Government Oversight reported.

In one case, a prosecutor had a “close personal relationship” with a defendant with whom he helped broker a plea deal that resulted in a release from custody. On other occasions, attorneys didn’t turn over exculpatory evidence to defendants.

But Justice Department officials steadfastly refuse to make the identities of misbehaving government attorneys public, in essence shielding them from further reproach.
The DoJ investigating its own; yeah, they're really going to clean house...

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned Og wasn't happy with the new Cosmos?  Well, others aren't either.  #1:
Tyson assures us right away that we are to “question everything” so we have to ask why he thinks Venus is the way it is due to the greenhouse effect — which is another way of saying global warming. Venus is almost 900 degrees Fahrenheit and the clouds are sulfuric acid. Even the most aggressive climate change models and their 20-foot ocean rises don’t predict that for Earth, no matter how many Chevy Volts we don’t buy.

... Regardless, CO2 did not cause the poisonous conditions on Venus; instead, CO2 is an effect of the poisonous conditions on Venus. Invoking the greenhouse effect when talking about Venus is like blaming ocean liners for inventing barnacles.

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