Sunday, March 09, 2014

Well, New York City, you voted for it and you're getting it.

Hard, and no lube

Except for the people able to put their kids in private schools of some kind; THEY'RE ok.  For now.

Realistically, this ought to count as a form of child rape by this socialist bastard.  Primarily against poor and minority kids by a rich white guy, but hey, Mr. Mayor has unions to pay off.

Let's see, Duffy knowingly acted in- at the least- a very unethical manner, stuck to it through appeals, and only after a federal appeals court bluntly urged Duffy over and over again to admit that the closing argument in the Maloney case was unprofessional, and perhaps unethical, and in any event a mistake of law did she finally act with some level of ethics(can't really bring myself to say 'honor'), and we're supposed to cheer her?  And she gets 'commended by the court'?

A: Where the FUCK was her ethics and honor when she was screwing this thing over in the first place?  She wants praise or forgiveness or something?  She ought to try ACTING IN A LEGAL AND ETHICAL MANNER IN THE FIRST PLACE.
B: As to the Gods-damned bastard in a black robe who couldn't be bothered with dealing with this AT THE TRIAL, strip him of that robe and throw him out.  Preferably from about the fifth floor.

And Duffy should be disbarred. 

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