Friday, January 11, 2013

One of those nasty bits of history the gun bigots don't like

people to know about:
Indeed, gun owners even without guns were dangerous because they knew how to use guns and tend to be resourceful, independent-minded persons. A Swiss manual on armed resistance stated with such experiences in mind:
Should you be so trusting and turn over your weapons you will be put on a "black list" in spite of everything. The enemy will always need hostages or forced laborers later on (read: "work slaves") and will gladly make use of the "black lists." You see once again that you cannot escape his net and had better die fighting. After the deadline, raids coupled with house searches and street checks will be conducted.6

 And a question: since that little clown Piers Morgan thinks the Constitution is 'your little book', why the hell does he want to stay in this country?

Or is it that nobody wants his slimy, fake-photo, insider-trading ass back in Britain?

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