Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chief Cathy Lanier played games with her responsibilities,

now we'll see if AG Irvin Nathan takes that 'equal under the law' thing seriously.
And if he doesn't it should haunt him in every way possible.

Of course, the clowns at EPA who broke the laws should be prosecuted, too; if they're not, THAT should haunt the clowns involved in the decision.

Thoughts from Huffman:
The language of the left betrays this mindset.

In their “compassion" they will sometimes “concede” a “buy-back” of firearms they want confiscated. You can’t “buy back” something that was not yours to begin with. And you can’t “buy” something with money that you confiscated (in the form of taxes) from the victims you want to take the property from. But in the mind of the left all property, including money, is “community property” and there is no inconsistency. They don’t, and probably can’t, “get” the problem we have with their plans.

A proposal for the Electoral College.  That'd really piss off the left.

On hipsters:
Hip is a sort of Neanderthal mentality that is terrified of serious thinking, and thus substitutes the superfluous for the profound.

Palestinians are hip in a way that Israelis are not; but pro-Palestinian reporters stay in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv without a clue why the two cities are different from Ramallah. Hip is loud support for the Dream Act, but avoidance of places like Mendota or San Joaquin, or any serious contemplation about why millions of Mexican nationals wish to cross their northern but not their southern border. Hip is shopping at Whole Foods, but supporting more food stamps for those who shop at a distant Food 4 Less and weigh more than you do. Hip decries school choice and vouchers, but means Sidwell Friends is under armed guards for your own progenies.

Yeah, sounds like a good thing to communicate to Wal-Mart:
“I plan to tell them that if they cave, I’ll set aside my principles too. I’ll campaign for every proposed anti-big box ordinance, sign union petitions, make myself a constant presence at zoning/planning hearings, etc. My family will do just fine without crappy Chinese sneakers, but is WalMart prepared for the level of pain we’re willing to bring?”

 Hey, Sen. Grassley and Rep. Issa: just why hasn't Holder been charged?

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