Saturday, January 12, 2013

A while back I was asked to give a talk

on old firearms to some people.  I said that the first thing that should always be done is 'Make sure it's not loaded; if it is, unload it.' 
Apparently I talked to the wrong people.

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Differ said...

Article talks about a live cannonball....another instance of the MSM understanding nothing about weapons and doing no research; they're like children. Another section:
"The field piece was already more than 90 years old when it was donated to the park, apparently by someone who’d salvaged it from a sunken British frigate in the East River. It was put on display at the park, and capped with concrete. No one even considered the possibility that British sailors had loaded and sealed it before their ship went down."
The canon is no good if it is not ready to be used at short notice and the tompion seals the muzzle against seawater and dampness when not in use look at pictures of old warships; again research - it's what reporters used to do...these morons have no imagination let alone common sense.