Saturday, January 12, 2013

According to this the blowback has been bad enough

that Obama & Co. have given up on a 'assault weapons' ban and want to concentrate on magazines or something else they think they can shove through.

The number of people buying an AR or AK, or a 'high-capacity' pistol- and every magazine in sight- may have scared the crap out of some of the clowns involved.  Especially considering the statements by so may along the lines of "No, I won't turn it in."

Biden flapping his mouth about executive orders might well have been what he believed; doesn't mean Obama & Co. were serious*.  And the amount of "In a pigs ass" from people surely didn't go over well. 

I imagine a lot of Democrats in Congress have been passing the word that if such were done, the next election would be really, really bad for Democrats.

So, quite probably the big things to watch for are pushes for some type of registration, some type of magazine ban, trying to end private sales.

*Yeah, I think if they thought they could get away with it, they would; there's got to be SOMEBODY around these Stalin wannabes who'd point out that- especially with all the Obama voters looking at their paycheck and saying "What the hell!"- they can't.  Also pointing out that trying to alter the Constitution by exec order was likely to result in someone- well, more than one- putting together impeachment charges.

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