Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sounds like it's what CSGV considers heaven, doesn't it?

 Not only no legal handguns and highly-restricted long guns, but
That willingness was further undermined by a broad revision of criminal law in 1967 that altered the legal standard for self-defense. Now everything turns on what seems to be "reasonable" force against an assailant, considered after the fact. As Glanville Williams notes in his Textbook of Criminal Law, that requirement is "now stated in such mitigated terms as to cast doubt on whether it [self-defense] still forms part of the law."

 Yes, the article is from 2002; it still holds true for the poor bastards in Britain.  And it's just what the gun bigots want.


Luton Ian said...

apparently there was at least one attempted multiple public killing in Wales on Friday - using a van to run pedestrians down.

The lamestream are being very evasive in their description of the perp, which usually means they were of a particular faith

Luton Ian said...

Here's a link to the multiple hit and run