Monday, October 15, 2012

I guess finally getting some of this crap directed at himself

got the point across:
I thought liberals were supposed to be ‘open-minded.’  I thought they were supposed to accept divergent viewpoints to at least say, ‘hey, everyone in America has a right to an opinion.’  But it’s really about– ‘I love free speech as long as it’s the free speech that I want’ … Liberals have this sense of themselves, but 90% are as nasty, as vitriolic, as vicious as the conservatives they say are

VDH on the The Obama Breaking Point

A guy rode a balloon 24 miles up, then jumped out.  And broke the sound barrier on the way down. 
And people got to watch it live.  Things do move on, don't they?

Used to be people got around charging usury by getting loans from Jewish bankers and traders; now it's "No, we don't charge evil interest, we charge FEES, so you can use our card!"

PESHAWAR: Enraged by widespread media coverage of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot and critically injured by the militants in Swat, the Pakistani Taliban led by Hakimullah Mehsud reportedly planned to target media organisations, particularly television channels and some journalists in the country, well-placed sources told this correspondent on Sunday.
According to sources, the Taliban felt that the media has become biased against them and was giving ‘undue’ coverage to the attack on Malala and portraying them as the ‘worst people on earth’.
Well, if you weren't murdering and maiming girls for going to school, people wouldn't think you're the worst people on earth; or is that too complicated a thought to fit in your focused-on-beardless-boys brain?

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Luton Ian said...

Those brave taliban, believing they serve the will of an omnipotent and omniscient deity...

but like so many other groups who pretend they're invincibal, they're so scared of the words of a teenage girl, they try to kill her to stop her speaking.

same goes for your federal leviathon a and the British government.

I see those brave journalists have their fingers licked and held high to see which way public opinion is going in the US and Aus (see ozboy's post at Liberty Gibbert)

Heaven help that they actually hold principals and offer their considered opinion to the daily vote of their readers pennies, rather than brown nosing politicians for protection from the new media (that's you, the new media)