Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some general outrage for the evening,

like the Hollywood method of 'being sure of the facts':
So to guarantee their film’s historical accuracy, Soderbergh and co-producer Benicio Del Toro were scrupulous in repeatedly visiting a Stalinist regime’s propaganda ministers for the unvarnished truth!

Banish the TSA.  And every worthless asshole working in that agency from ever again working in a .gov job.
A leukemia patient making what she calls an “end-of-life” trip to Hawaii says she was embarrassed by security agents at the Seattle airport who refused her request for a private pat-down and made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages.
Michelle Dunaj also says an agent at Sea-Tac Airport opened a saline bag, contaminating fluid she needs to survive.
TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis tells KOMO-TV it’s against policy to deny a private screening for passengers who request it. The agency is investigating.
Which means "We'll pretend we care about this woman being humiliated and having her life threatened just long enough to keep Congress from cutting our budget for molestations."
Next time Pisstole(no, that's the proper spelling) shows up to testify, make him go through this kind of screening before being allowed into the chamber.  That'd be a start.

Other night I posted on some of the latest news in the "The politicians don't care how many troops die, and it seems most of the upper-level officers don't, either" category.  I'm a little more rational right now, so:
We've three choices on the politicians: they have no understanding of the damage their idiot demands are causing, they don't care, or they actually want American troops dead.  Considering some of the people in the upper levels of the .gov, I'm certain a few are in the third category, and should be removed from office(preferably through a window or at the end of a rope).  Most are divided between the first two, and also need to be removed from those taxpayer-supplied offices.

Then we have the officers, like the shit-brained admiral in the Breitbart article:
When the families from the crash were meeting with the Army’s Investigation Team and Naval Officers, a father asked why they didn’t use a drone strike to take out the Taliban. A 3-star Admiral responded, “We are trying to win their hearts and minds.”
My first thought was someone should have asked "When was the last time your fat ass was in a helicopter or ditch under enemy fire, admiral?  Or were laying wounded unable to be evaced because the chopper couldn't land because they weren't allowed to clear the area of the bad guys?  Do you even give a rats' ass about the lives of the people you command?"  Before or after the kick in the balls would have been acceptable.  I'll stop there because I don't need the blood pressure boost of what else I'd like to have heard said to the bastard.

I tend to think there needs to be two house-cleanings: one of politicians in suits, and one of politicians in uniform.

And one last thing: Obama & Empty-Hat Salazar try to take credit for something started under Bush(again), while they're still screwing the people around.


Luton Ian said...

an OT heads up

Sorry to add to the blood pressure! Mr Grigg is offering an interesting dilemma - was the raid an aberration or are such violent abuses "standard procedure"

"The same story will reportedly include a comment from an anonymous "law enforcement officer" who will confer his benediction on the raid as "standard operating procedure."

In other words, this home invasion was not one of those anomalous "isolated incidents" we read about from time to time. In Idaho, it is "standard operating procedure" for police conducting a welfare check to rip a terrified woman from her home and then force her husband to kneel with the muzzle of an assault rifle at the back of his head because the husband has been identified as a "constitutionalist" -- and then to carry out an illegal search of the home in the hope of finding something --anything will do -- to justify the raid."


That's the second update and the comments are interesting too.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a conversation I had not long ago with an infantry sergeant just back from a tour of Afcandyland.

He claimed to have been present in a village where one of the "men" whose "hearts and minds" we are trying to win saw a nine-year-old girl's hijab blow off in the wind, causing the girl to show her sinful whorish face, which (praise Allah and the Prophet!) they are required to keep covered. Said "man" smiled an enormous toothy smile at the American soldiers, then stepped over to the girl, drew a knife, and cut the girl's nose off, then commenced carving on her cheeks.

See, under current RoE, American troops are not allowed to intervene when they see this kind of thing, and any attempt at intervention would have resulted in a "war crimes" show-trial and dishonorable discharges for the sergeant and his men. And the locals know it. And they dearly love to rub the Yankees' noses in it. This kind of thing is why he won't be re-upping, by the way.

I don't know what the hell to do about Trashcanistan, but every story like this one that I hear convinces me that it's not worth one more American life. Let the cavemen with AK47s kill one another. If terrorists strike at the US again from Afghan territory, my gut instinct says that the appropriate response is to turn the country into a self-illuminated glass parking lot. Maybe we should have done that back in 2001.