Saturday, October 20, 2012

Well, communism is a religion for the idiots

so seeing the hammer & sickle in this isn't that surprising. 
So, since they seem so effing fond of socialism, the should have put a swastika in there.

Yes, I know, they don't like admitting the nazis were socialists; they don't like admitting the communists are the mass-murdering dirtbags they are, either.  So be honest and put it in.


DJMoore said...

Not only were the Nazi's not socialists, but the Russian weren't commies, either.

Not that the people screeching about those labels are themselves liberals or socialists or commies themselves, oh no no no.

They're pragmatists.

Incidentally, did you know that "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is not a good definition of Communism? That's either a simplistic proletariat fodder, or a crass distortion by fascist wreckers, I'm not sure which, but no well informed Communist would say such a ridiculous thing.

I'll tell you what a liberal/progressive/socialist/communist or yes, a fascist is; it's someone for whom words are meaningless bludgeons with which to strike the enemies of the God-State.

Windy Wilson said...

Yes indeed, why no Swastika? There are all sorts of religious symbols from all sorts of obscure religions, so why not the Hindu religious symbol that was also used by aboriginal tribes in the American Southwest?

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently it's for all, except the far right (although that might be represented by Islam).

Also "funny", there are about 9 Islamic symbols, and 3 Christian. We can see where the Albaphobian, Anti-Western, Christianophobian Socialists want to reach...

PS - The Commies are worse than the Nazis and should be illegal as well!