Friday, October 19, 2012

About that 'non-existent' vote fraud problem,

The latest revelations that illegal votes may have given Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) his 312-vote margin of victory in his 2008 Senate race—out of the nearly 3 million votes cast—gives one pause. The fact that 243 people have already been convicted or are awaiting trial on voter fraud underscores a persistent concern that, despite their small share of the vote, ineligible ballots can actually swing results.
Know some people who insist that vote fraud is rare, and when it does happen it's only one or two votes.  This won't change their minds, maybe it'll get the attention of some who aren't ideologically bound to deny that it's a problem.

Across the pond, the Lancashire Police have some of the same farging idiots we do:
A police force has apologised after an officer used a Taser on a blind man whose white stick was mistaken for a sword.

Colin Farmer, 61, was stunned by police following reports of a man walking through Chorley with a samurai sword.

Ch Supt Stuart Williams, of Lancashire Police, said the force had "deep regrets" and had "clearly put this man through a traumatic experience".
Ya think MAYBE?  But don't worry,
"We have launched an urgent investigation to understand what lessons can be learned."
Howzabout "Remember,  a white cane is not the same thing as a BLOODY SWORD, YOU MORONS!"

If Obama wins reelection he will no doubt try to govern in his second term the exact same way he tried to govern in his first. And he will get the exact same results. In other words, if Obama wins reelection, we are definitely going over the fiscal cliff.
 Well, guy, I have to tell you that A: we already knew that, and B: we already know that.

Somebody starts that 'war on women' crap, send them this link from Hoyt.  One part:
It’s a poisonous myth.  It’s also a stupid one.  No one in their right mind would talk about “War on women” for instance.  Are you insane?  Why would normal men – yes, your husband, your brother, your son – want to make war on women?  And yes, that means you, your sister, your mother.  Hell, even my gay male friends like women and have mothers and women friends.  And yes, for those of you about to be stupid, even males on the opposite side in politics have all of those, and no, none of them hate women.  (Except perhaps the occasional pathological case.)

(If you bought that wanting to not pay for contraceptives out of the public purse and at the expense of other people’s religious conscience is a “War on women” you might want to inform yourself.  Not giving you something for free is NOT restricting access.  Otherwise, people are restricting your access to food, housing and entertainment.  Is that a war on humans?)
Well, to the morons it is...

That professional media we're supposed to trust:
CNN’s explanation of “why Obama got more time speak” is an admission that Crowley intentionally gave Obama extra time because she thought he hadn’t said enough. It’s also an admission that it doesn’t know whether, objectively, Romney said more than Obama in the same amount of time. CNN hadn’t done a word count when it made the claim, and Crowley certainly hadn’t performed one when she gave Obama more time than Romney.

Crowley was, however, watching the time, as she told the candidates several times. As the CNN memo confirms, she wanted to give Obama more time than Romney.

Idiot laws about guns and ammunition: what politicians do instead of something.

Damn.  That'd be a good class to take, and it's right up the turnpike.  Ah, for a pile of free cash.

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Sigivald said...

I've seen multiple people on the Facebooks claiming "voter fraud is really rare" because they're using MoveOn literature conflating convictions (and possibly also prosecutions) with the total rate of activity; claims that e.g. "it only happened like 300 times in the last election".

Perhaps they don't realize that simply saying "oh, I didn't realize that was illegal" is enough to get you out of a prosecution in many cases, since the Prosecutor knows it'll be impossible to prove mens rea and it'll be required for a conviction.

And in no other context would those people accept "convictions + prosecutions = total occurrence of activity", for any other crime.

Except, hey, Republicans Are Bad.