Sunday, October 14, 2012

My my, I wonder what kind of intelligence

he might have taken with him?
Also brings up questions like "Had he actually worked with Israel before, or did he decide to leave because he saw the Iranians wanted him dead for some reason?"

You may have heard the Nobel Peace Prize went to the EUnuchs; some commentary here.

"When good intentions go bad" is a nice title, though I'd suggest "When technophobes and corrupt media work together" as an alternate:
Oddly, Séralini permitted access to his paper to only a select group of reporters and demanded that they sign a confidentiality agreement preventing them from interviewing other experts about the research before publication. But, while the first round of articles read like press releases, the scientific community has since spoken out forcefully. The European Food Safety Authority, for example, has now concluded that the “design, reporting, and analysis of the study, as outlined in the paper, are inadequate.” The study was partly funded by CRIIGEN, a group that campaigns against biotechnology. 

CRIIGEN’s scientific board is headed by none other than Séralini, who has also just released a book and a documentary decrying GM food.

These public messages were highly misleading and clearly intended to shock and disturb. The vast majority of deaths discussed in the report did not actually result from global warming. Outdoor air pollution—caused by fossil-fuel combustion, not by global warming—contributed to 30 percent of all deaths cited in the study. And 60 percent of the total deaths reflect the burning of biomass (such as animal dung and crop residues) for cooking and heating, which has no relation to either fossil fuels or global warming. 

In total, the study exaggerated more than 12-fold the number of deaths that could possibly be attributed to climate change, and it more than quadrupled the potential economic costs, simply to grab attention. But it will be used as a cudgel by those who claim that electric cars or solar panels – technologies that will make only a marginal contribution, given their huge incremental costs – are the solution to climate change.

 No, you fucking moron, the worst possible thing to happen is what you'll do to Californicated's economy, to the people who live there! 
But you don't really care about that, do you?

Something on free speech being trashed in the name of 'sensitivity and caring and public safety'.  And in some cases, people being afraid to offend the religion of submission.

Observations on the media and their current "What?" moments:
Over the last week, a growing number of pundits, reporters, and Americans have commented on Barack Obama’s “teleprompter” issues in the last debate and his petulant reaction to Mitt Romney’s statements. Over the last forty-eight hours, the American press corp has commented on the lack of substance and the shallowness of the Obama campaign vis-a-vis the Big Bird ad.
These are all conservative critiques of the Obama Administration for the past four years. But each time conservatives raised them, most political reporters dismissed the critiques as partisanship, frivolousness, or racism. Now, the political press is taking on these points as their own as are many Americans suddenly tuned in. The conservative echo chamber talking points about Barack Obama have broken out of the echo chamber and seeped into the American psyche in a way that the Obama camp will have a hard time shutting down. But the damning thing is that many of these points were, for four years, treated dismissively by the American political press only to now be repeated by them.
It is not that suddenly these points underwent a metamorphosis from illegitimate to legitimate. It’s that the political press, like with Benghazi, can no longer tell the American people they did not see what they actually saw. Americans are believing their lying eyes and, in so doing, more and more feel like they’ve been had by a press corp that calls itself objective when it patently is not.

The blacklist liberals and socialists really like: the one that lets them damage people for having a unapproved opinion.

 And now, since the storms yesterday have moved on and it's a fairly glorious day out there, I think I'll pry my ass out of this chair and go do something.

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