Saturday, October 20, 2012

Something nice to see in the tree

Clusters of pecans.  Got about two dozen so far, and there's lots more still in the hull in the tree.

I foresee cookies, maybe a pie, in the future


Luton Ian said...

Quick question, do you refer to the tree as a "Pecan tree" or a "Hickory tree"?

Firehand said...

It's a pecan, a mohawk to be precise. Planted it the summer after I moved in.

Hickory is a different critter; if I'd had a place for it I'd have planted one of those in back.

Differ said...

Saw a guy in the grassy segment between the looping off and on ramps from Ga Hwy 5 and I 75 South in Marietta laying out a tarp under a cluster of Pecan trees there and getting ready to harvest...don't know if the State Patrol moved him on or not, but there's plenty of space so no safety issue, but free pecans? go for it mate!

Mattexian said...

Count yourself lucky, our pecan tree hardly has anything on it this year, tho the tree-rats may have already picked it clean, a month ago I was cussing them for tossing down half-chewed green ones. The oaks are doing good, tho, dropping acorns everywhere.

Firehand said...

Last year only had a few, and the t-rats got those before even had a chance to ripen. If could've done it without ticking off the neighbors, I'd have put their asses in a stewpot.

Differ, down in Texas you'll see stands of pecans on the highway right-of-way, and signs saying 'Do not flail the pecans'; in other words, pick up what's fallen but don't beat on the trees to knock more down.