Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh my...

not only did moisture fall from the sky the other day, the current forecast is for 5-10 degrees below average for the next week. I've had the windows open all day with a fan in the living room just to spread this fine temperature through the house. And painted some windowsills that needed touching up.

Oh, and 20-30% chances of rain on several days, or so they currently say. I was afraid we'd have to wait for the state fair next month for rain; a way I'm happy to be disappointed.


Luton Ian said...

Lucky soul!

I've been cleaning rust off tools.

The weather has been so cold and damp since March, that every time it warms up for a day, anything made of metal gets covered in condensation.

We had about 3" or wet the past few days

Firehand said...

Right now we're expecting upper 80's/low 90's the next week, lows mostly 60's. That roughly 1" of rain the other day was the most we've had in at least a month. Just being below 100 for a while is nice, fair chance of some more wet very welcome here.