Thursday, August 23, 2012

If you've seen someone try to get a driving test

the last few years, you know what a friggin' mess it's been; appears DPS is actually trying to do something about it. Finally.

This has been a mess for years, and it's gotten worse the last few. You've had people taking multiple mornings off work to get to an exam station hours before it opens and still being told "You can't take your test today, you'll have to come back." Again. Etc. First-class pain in the ass, to say the least. Add to that some examiners being assholes, I'm surprised it took this long to cause something to happen. I figure enough people went to their reps and raised hell, they finally raised enough hell with the Commissioner's Office that they had to get something done.

No, I'm not real forgiving; I've heard too much crap over the years of that agency playing games. Hopefully they'll actually do something about this mess.


Phelps said...

Texas solved a lot of the problem in a really easy way.

They took the driver's ed instructors, deputized them, and let them administer the driving test at the end of a drivers ed course. That took the vast majority of the time away from the DPS. You still go to the the DPS for your written (computerized now) test, and to have your paperwork done, but you bring a certificate that says that you passed the drivers ed final exam.

Firehand said...

The number of schools offering drivers ed in OK- at least in cities- has been dropping for years. Never was able to get son in, due to "We only have 'x' classes and only accept 'x' number of students", etc.