Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For an anonymous tip they'll kick the doors and shoot the dogs

and tear up your house, but for a 911 call of "HELP ME!",
Once obtaining an address, the dispatcher gave the call to the first available police field element. The officers that received the call arrived at the location and knocked at the door. When no one answered, they requested a call-back of the caller which went to voicemail. They also checked the perimeter windows of the home and spoke with neighbors who reported that they had not heard any disturbance.
Her family found her dead two days later.

Unrelated to the above: yeah, I've got a problem with this:
According to the lawsuit (PDF), in January 2011, Tulsa Deputy Police Chief Alvin Webster announced in a staff meeting that the event was upcoming and solicited volunteers to attend. In February 2011, an email regarding the event was sent to all Tulsa police officers. Attached to the email was a flier from the Islamic Society describing the event and inviting police officers to attend. When neither Captain Fields nor any of his subordinates responded to the invitation, a subsequent email was sent informing Fields that his attendance was no longer voluntary but mandatory, and that officers from each shift under his command were also expected to attend.

Capt. Fields responded with an email of his own, informing his superiors that he believed the order was unlawful as it violated his religious convictions and that he would not be attending. He also said he would not order any of his subordinates who held similar convictions to attend the event.

Efforts were made to persuade Capt. Fields to change his mind, but when he did not he was served with his transfer and suspension for failing to observe Rule 6 of the Tulsa Police Department Rules and Regulations – Duty to Be Truthful and Obedient

One more: the PC idiocy at the DoJ marches on:
This DOJ policy does not merely involve prohibitions against discrimination, but rather the documents reveal deliberate recruitment efforts to hire as attorneys and staff for the Department of Justice people suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities. Moreover, applicants can “self-identify” their disability by means of the “Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability.”

Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment. That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead


Sigivald said...

Counterpoint: Some jerk makes a false 911 call while you're out of town or at work. (With associated pleas against an imaginary attacked, and background noise easily provided by any movie...)

Cops break down your door Because 911 Call. Maybe go through your stuff just while they're there, "looking for evidence of the attack"...

Oh, well! Whatcha gonna do? Someone called 911, right?

The balancing act there is literally impossible, sadly.

Either we have the occasional case like the one in Dallas (very uncommon, it turns out0, or we have - most likely - a lot of jerks realizing they can totally get away with having the police come break your door down using a prepaid phone or VOIP client so they can't be traced.

(Look at the small rash of SWATtings around that leftist jerk whatshisname recently. Now remember that if there's a "911 call means always enter if they don't answer" policy, it will lead to more of that.

And eventually some deaf guy or someone who didn't hear the phone or door because they were wearing earmuffs to use power tools is going to get shot - or shoot a cop...)

Firehand said...

It is uncommon, and yeah, there's no easy way around this.

I just find it interesting that some jerk can kick in the wrong door/jack around the wrong person, do personal and property damage, etc., and "They were following procedures, so..."; but here "We're reviewing."