Friday, August 24, 2012

They DO want peace and non-violence; it's just that Updated

it's peace by their definition, and- as someone put it- they're willing to kill as many of us as they have to to get it.Link

Added: I noticed this in the comments:
What possible legitimate use can anyone have for an assault weapon or jacketed bullets?
I leave the comments on that idiocy up to you.l=

Update II: Reasoned Discourse
tm has broken out! I left a comment asking two questions:
How are you defining 'assault weapon'? and
Since most bullets sold for ALL purposes are jacketed, what do you suggest be used?
Took maybe five minutes for the comment to be deleted.


Windy Wilson said...

Firehand, what it does say is that while now they say the 2nd Amendment is old fashioned, outdated, and not needed in modern society, the First Amendment will get the same treatment, only in astonishingly quick fashion once the liberty lovers are disarmed.

Firehand said...

It says they're a bunch of socialist/communist/fascist dirtbags who want to run the life of everyone. For their own good, of course.