Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cops as a waste of money

The man had been killed elsewhere, and then dumped from a moving vehicle into the road. The deputies decided to secure the crime scene, call the Orange county Sheriff's department, and wait to turn it over to them, so that the Orange deputies could work the scene.

They were told that the Sheriff's office doesn't work dead bodies in the road, because this was likely a pedestrian accident, and that the deputies should call the Florida Highway Patrol. The Orange sheriff's office said they didn't have the manpower. Calls the SO also doesn't respond to, due to lack of manpower: Reports of shots fired, suspicious persons, auto accidents, noise complaints, and other "non serious calls."

Orange county Sheriff's office is the department that wouldn't investigate when checks were being stolen from my mailbox and being deposited in the thief's bank account, and they cited manpower issues. It appears as though those issues have not subsided
But lots of time & personnel to write traffic tickets.


Phelps said...

That's when it is time to evacuate.

Sailorcurt said...

You miss the point...writing tickets generates revenue. Minor things like investigating homicides don't generate any revenue.

They aren't a waste of money, they're glorified tax collectors.

ps: The captcha has got to go. I spend more time trying to decipher what that stupid thing says (and often have to try several times) than I do writing the comment.

Firehand said...

Yeah, that's exactly what they've largely become, in far too many places.

I'll check on how/if can get rid of it and see how it works

Luton Ian said...

It's their whole purpose.

Without thugs to back up their threats (cops)

states cannot achieve their required level of "legal" theft (tax)

that is why states try to maintain a monopoly of protection services.

I've still to get a proper reply from a statist when I point out the contradiction of

police - supposedly there to protect property

are funded by theft of property(called tax)

or more properly, the cops are there to provide the arms when the threat of armed violence needs to be made real, for the "legal" armed robbery which is taxation.