Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Because the President doesn't victory or to win,

and the press is still kissing his ass, that's why. And it would be awkward to do that while asking why he's negotiating with the enemy to hand the place back over to them.

The EPA has been told- again- that it can't do whatever it wants; attacks of vapors from the usual suspects followed.
It should be noted that the media, when it does bother to send foreign correspondents to Alabama, tends to bring their report out with a level of contempt and condescension that would make a "Look what those clever black buggers are doing" 1920's travelogue on Africa or India look kind.

Little over two months left till the election, and I've been sick of politics and politicians in general for a loooong time. Only real reason I keep writing about this crap: because of what those bastards keep wanting to do to me. And the kids, and parents, and everyone else. There's been a BUNCH of times over the last few years I've thought rather fondly of the rope/lamppost/politician theme...
Which brings me to the range the other day(because I'm effing sick of politics/politicians). Had another chance to shoot that S&W M&P, and was allowed to change backstraps. Interestingly, the 'small' felt somewhat better to hold, but the 'medium' shot better for me. In either case, the owner says has had zero fte/ftf/ftanything problems; and of the odd bits & pieces of 9mm I'd dug up to take along, it ate everything, ball and some hollowpoints of four brands. If I were going to buy a polymer pistol, I think I'd have to look at one of these. Though I think I'd like to try one with the Apex Tactical trigger Robb loves so much; the trigger's not horrible, but compared to my 1911 compact it's... not mushy at all, but there's no way to tell when it's about to break.
I'd love to try one in .45(maybe when get to the range with Jennifer and Evyl) to see something: even with fairly hot loads that 9mm felt quite mild in recoil with fast recovery, I'm wondering whether it's from it being 9mm instead of my usual .45, or if the M&P design tames it down.

Couple of weeks back I'd stopped by H&H to check on some reloading stuff, and the guy I talked to had to stop cleaning a pistol he'd just tried out, which was the M&P compact in .40S&W. Asked what he thought of it, and let's say he was impressed; said the .40 felt like firing a 9mm in most compacts. Since the .40 pistols I've fired had a definitely snappy recoil, it surprised me. And made me want to try one of these in .45 even more, to see just how it feels.

Just as general information, seems some people do not get that ball ammo isn't good for SD unless there's nothing else around. Same guy said he didn't care for 9mm for lots of people, not because 9mm won't work but because they tend to load with FMJ ammo for social purposes instead of those expensive hollowpoints. Definitely not good.

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along with this comment in another post:
Hair removal in the United States grosses $2.1B a year, which minus the cost of duct tape, is pure profit.

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and last, from Ogdaa, dumbass carries a price; lesson begins about 1:30

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Luton Ian said...

Your commie in chief's actions are straight out of the pages of Kozak's "and not a shot is fired"

Bezmenov's "love letter to America" describes it too.