Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You want to know just how deluded and/or stupid the Brady Campaign

really is?
Indviduals with proper self-defense training can put down attackers no matter the size difference, with little to no damage done to the victim. Ask any defensive trainer, or a student of such a trainer, and you'll get the proof you regularly state on this page that this page lacks.
Let's see, how many people get hurt in dojos with pads and gloves and all? No pavement or curbs or walls or corners to run into? Not actually trying to do damage? And yet these people...

Ah, hell, they're either freaking insane, or knowingly lying. And if it's the latter, anyone who takes their advice and gets hurt or killed, the blood is on the Brady clowns' hands.

One more thing: notice that interesting end with little to no damage done to the victim ? Apparently the attacker has become the VICTIM when they're stopped.


Luton Ian said...

Not that any visual example is needed to counter such blatant lies;

the key bit is between 4 minutes and 6 minutes; a professional mixed martial artist, injuring himself up on TV.

I'd like to see even the top aikido practitioner (the only defence-only art I can think of), defend against a determined and practised attacker without one or other getting seriously injured;

by definition, getting a determined attacker to stop their attack, requires inflicting either sufficient pain, or sufficient damage on them, to make them stop.

the sort of pain you get when bones are being broken, eyes gouged, internal organs ruptured and joints destroyed.

Competitive and re-enactment type martial arts are tamed down and the practitioners usually have trouble breaking the habit of fighting "clean" if they get into a real fight.

There aren't that many opportunities to learn the stuff militaries use.

I've been meaning to look in on this, next time I'm near their British practitioners. That is an AK in the corner - The Finnish military use the fighting system.

An example of what, even an athletic young woman can end up facing:

Ireland is a very small place. I knew the father and brother of the woman in this article, a friend knew some of the prison officers who'd supervised the creep - not even the toughest prisoners, working together could get the better of this kidnapper, multiple rapist and suspected serial killer. The lads who stumbled on the creep as he attempted to suffocate the woman, at the side of a shallow grave, had rifles, they'd been lamping deer. for their honesty and rescuing the woman, their rifles were confiscated by the state. I know some of the rescuers friends too. It's a very small place.

Marja said...

Hm. I got called a misogynist on one imdb board when I tried to argue that no matter how well trained a woman is most of us are still at a disadvantage when you are talking about unarmed combat against men. Argument started when I was complaining about those movies where the waif girl beats a bunch of big men with her awesome fu skills, and my main opponent in the argument claimed to be a (male) martial artist. No idea if the guy really was, and if so whether he had any experience about street fighting. Or if any of his female dojo companions did.

He also called me a coward after I commented that, for example, I would not wade in to defend my man with my fists if he got into a bar fight with other men. I think his argument was that I should get the training to be able to do just that, or something along those lines. Well, I'm 5'2 and with osteoarthritis, I doubt any amount of training in anything would much help if I tried to fight any bigger guy who doesn't mind hitting a small older woman. Well, somebody like me might get lucky once in a while, but I rather suspect any statistics would tend towards the ladies in such situations losing a lot more often. Not worth deliberately getting into such a situation.

A gun would be good, but I live in a country where I can't carry, at least not legally. So I'd go for avoidance, and maybe hiding behind a man while I dial the local emergency number and he gets beaten, sorry to say. :)

Firehand said...

I've had some aikido training(years back); no, you don't punch and kick, but joint locks and submission holds and throws, done for real, cause damage. Not to mention the 'throw them and they land on the pavement/curb/table/chair and break' factor. Whether you're careful or not, expert or not.

Marja, isn't it wonderful to be called names for pointing out uncomfortable facts?

Marja said...

Yep. Heh. Considering his previous posts I knew there was a good chance it would probably happen, so I'm not quite sure why I got into that fight. But maybe it's something that should be pointed out as often as possible. Seeing a woman as an unbeatable action hero in a movie can be fun, but it's no good if a girl starts to believe she might actually be able to be like that in real life.

I like seeing action heroines in movies or reading about them, but I prefer stories where it is made clear that the girl who can be the equal of guys twice her size in a fight is something very, very unusual. And I'd prefer to see more stories where the lady is the hero but relies more on her brain than her muscles. It is possible to write even good action scenes where the hero prevails more to due to being clever than for being an awesome fighter.

Marja said...

Oh, and yes, about those throws and other 'nice' ways to subdue an opponent: I have never been in a fight, but I got some permanent damage on my right leg due to a fall where I hit the front on a sill when I slipped while going through a door. Mushed the soft tissues, no broken bones - doesn't sound that bad, does it? Well, unfortunately also some nerves and veins got damaged, end result being that the leg now tends to swell, badly, below the point where I hit it, and there are two large spots where I have no feeling on the skin. So yes, of course you will not hurt your poor opponent if you use the right kind of martial arts in an actual fight. Or get hurt yourself. Because nobody ever gets hurt if they, say, just get thrown/pushed/tripped/whatever down. :D

Luton Ian said...

I know that the Brady campaign's aim is for us to be unable to resist the violence from their dictatorship of the prol... sorry, of the Bradys.

But, just assuming for a minute that what they suggested was sincere

How many days a week and years of our lives does the Brady campaign want to steal from people - for them to become just about OK at a martial art?

The good martial artists who I know have been training two to four nights a week for twenty to thirty years, and unless you actually started a fight with them, you wouldn't know.

A gun immediately conveys the message - try something stupid, and regardless of my size and physical strength, You'll receive a life threatening injury or five.

Concealed carry adds the uncertainty into the mutant's mind, of who is carrying and where the shots will be coming from if he does try something stupid.

One thing I'm seeing a lot of, now that I'm back in Britain, is steroid rage.

Idiots who are popping body building steroids, and to whom, anything at all can be taken as a mortal insult deserving a beating. I don't think amphetamine helps them stay cool either.

Fortunately, they're usually muscle bound and neither fast nor agile. Unfortunately, age is slowing my chances of running away.

Luton Ian said...

Forgot to say, I was speaking to one of the martial arts guys today, He's been training for about 25 years

He said, regardless of the art, the harder and faster an attacker comes in, the more damage a lock will do to him and the the harder he'll land from a throw or a takedown.

kerb stones, steps, buildings, street furniture, broken glass etc don't make for soft landings.

Somehow, I don't think there is much that is average about this lady, I've never met her, and I would be very polite if i ever did.
Away from a crash mat, that landing would hurt!

Firehand said...

I remember some video a few years back of backstage at a judo competition; all the people putting braces or bandages or cold packs on ankles and knees and whatever. That's in a controlled environment designed to reduce the chances of real injury. Imagine the same things that happened to them in a restaurant, or home, or on a sidewalk.