Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Apparently this bozo didn't remember The Parable of Zumbo

In a weaselly attempt to get business back from online ammunition dealers like Brownells or LuckyGunner, Texas gun store owner Jeremy Alcede goes on the radio supporting a ban on online ammunition sales.
Dear Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms, Katy, TX: I hope you freeze in the dark, you gutless quisling punk.
In the comments someone says they hope he's enjoying his thirty pieces of silver; somehow, I don't think he's enjoying much of anything right now.

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Luton Ian said...

They can't get their own online business to work, so they think they can use the law to oust any and all online competition.

Customers have a very good answer for that sort of behaviour.

While you mention Zumbo - take a look at Ackley's HBFSARL, the entry for the .223 rem

He beat Zumbo to it by quite a few years.