Saturday, August 04, 2012

I see the fires made national news Updated

again; last time like this was a few years back, similar dry & hot conditions. This sucks.

To give you an idea, last night between 9 & 10pm, it was 98 degrees, after a daytime high of about 109 in my area, and it hasn't rained in quite a while. Any grass not heavily watered is brown, lots of trees are losing leaves, and there's not much left of my garden.

That time I mentioned a few years back, I remember video of a chopper trying to dip a water bucket in a lake: the lake was so low they couldn't find a spot deep enough to submerge the bucket. It's about at that point now

More than a dozen fires are burning across Oklahoma as temperatures continue to climb into Saturday afternoon.

A spokesman for Oklahoma Emergency Management Director said at least five major fires that burned overnight were joined Saturday with several new ones
And, just to make it more fun, there are reports that one of the fires- one that ate a bunch of homes- may have been set.
I seem to remember that in Rome they burned arsonists... at times like this it doesn't seem such a bad idea


PISSED said...

Man that sucks. I hope you guys get some relief. There will be some definite fall out from this drought.

Hang in there.

Firehand said...

At the store the other day noticed that corn on the cob that was 4 ears for a buck a month ago is now 2 for a buck.

And soon as I started moving around and went outside, got a nasty headache; I'm betting from smoke in the air.

global village idiot said...

Hey Firehand,

Totally unrelated, but check out the comments from TamK's last post about bicycles a day or two ago.

My problem with bicycles is(was) the same as yours. My solution worked - it might for you too.


Firehand said...

Just looked; I'm going to have to look for some suitable 'bars and try this. Appreciate it