Friday, August 03, 2012

First I've heard of this particular thumb in Obama's eye

Turkey's application to join the SIno-Russian Shanghai Cooperation Organization following Prime Minister Erdogan's July 19 pilgrimage to Russia is a diplomatic humiliation for the United States, and of the first order. Just when Washington is demanding that Russia withdraw support for the Assad regime in Syria, and when Turkey is the linch-pin for American logistics in support of the Syrian opposition, Erdogan has proposed in effect to joint the Russian-Chinese club (without being compelled to hand in his NATO credentials).
The fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood and its various offshoots represent a threat to everyone in the region:

The Saudi monarchy fears that the Brotherood will overthrow it (not an idle threat, since the Brotherhood doesn't look like a bad choice for Saudis who aren't one of the few thousand beneficaries of the royal family's largesse;

The Russians fear that Islamic radicalism will get out of control in the Caucasus and perhaps elsewhere as Russia evolves into a Muslim-majority country;

The Chinese fear the Uyghurs, a Turkic Muslim people who comprise half the population of China's western Xinjiang province.

But the Obama administration (and establishment Republicans like John McCain) insist that America must support democratically-elected Islamist governments. That is deeply misguided. The Muslim Brotherhood is about as democratic as the Nazi Party, which also won a plebiscite confirming Adolf Hitler as leader of Germany. Tribal countries with high illiteracy rates are not a benchmark for democratic decision-making

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Luton Ian said...

Unfortunately "will of the majority" is not a sound justification.

If it were, we'd be justifying gang rape and lynching, as both are examples of "will of the majority"

To pre-empt any criticism of "yes, but they are too small an electorate"

If a bigger electorate is better, what about a global election: the winner would be a Chinese and Indian coalition, and guess which way the wealth re-distribution would be going then.

"Greater utility to the greater number" suffers the same criticism as "will of the majority" with the added problem of how do you measure "utility"

"Might is right" would justify one on one rapes and murders.

What we're left with is:

"GTF out of my face with your violent coercion!"