Thursday, August 02, 2012

So, if you're a socialist control-freak fed and you want

to control a western state, what better way than to ...take over legal management of the state's water supply ?
And they'll want to repeat the same wonderful successes they've had in California.

A Marine officer's thoughts on women in combat; worth reading, especially since she's been there(found at Old NFO's place)

Did you know Romney went to Poland to appeal to racists?
Stop laughing, this idiot apparently means it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks much for the Petronio link! It's good to know we have Marines thinking this out rationally. Semper Fi!

skidmark said...

I'm not sure how much digging has gone into reaction to the "integration" of females into the combat arms field. My readings have been mostly of senior personnel (O-6/7 and E-7/8) women claiming they cannot get promoted further because the upper ranks are filled by, if not actually restricted to, those with combat leadership experience. And there is a difference between leading a grunt platoon/company/battalion and a combat engineer/civil affairs unit that has operated in a "combat zone" - although in the increasingly asymetrical warfare environment that difference is shrinking.

I'd rather see the General and Senior NCO ranks filled with people who are not geared to fight the next war with the last war's tactics than to see the numbers of women there equal to/better than their representation in the military population.

stay safe.