Saturday, August 04, 2012

It's been pointed out to me that the Globular Warmening true believers

are yelling "GLOBAL WARMERING!! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!" in connection with our bloody-awful temperatures. I'll point something out:
On Friday, Oklahoma City tied its all-time record for the highest temperature ever recorded when the thermometer reached 113 Fahrenheit (45 Celsius), a mark last recorded in the Dust Bowl days in 1936, according to the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma.
'Climate denier' my ass.


Anonymous said...

From the end of March until about 10 days ago - it has been pissing down almost continually in northern England, and temperatures have been about 13 C max most days. hay and silage cutting have only been started in those 10 days.

lots of the neighbours had a disastrous time lambing, and of the wild birds, the ducks have only now appeared with young - probably the third or fourth clutch they've tried to hatch, the partridges are 4 or 5 adults to one chick and there's not a pheasant chick to be seen. Only the red grouse (more of a tundra adapted bird) seem to have good broods.

We've just had a couple of thunder storms through again this afternoon (ours are substantially smaller and err less exciting than yours - thankfully)

We've seen it all before, fortunately not too often though.

Windy Wilson said...

That issue of WHEN the record was last made was the thing that convinced me Climate change was a Statist Fairy Tale meant to scare the peasants.
The idea of the "hockey stick" graph was that there was a "temperature breakout" that happened along about the time James Watt improved the Newcomen steam engine, and there was a runaway temperature increase since then that was gaining in its rate of increase.
I noticed the weather report on TV would announce record highs and record lows, and also say when the record was last set. I also saw that when these records were last met appeared almost random. Dust bowl, 1890's, 1960's, very seldom, "since records in Los Angeles began to be kept".
Anyone who tracks stocks knows that when there is a stock "breakout", EVERY DAY THE DAMN STOCK REACHES A NEW HIGH.
The daily temperature "share price" should have worked in a similar fashion, even allowing for randomness. We should have been breaking records set recently, and those records should have broken records set AFTER WW2, not before.