Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fast & Furious: Holder's DoJ is using Media Matters

to officially defend Holder & Co.
The screenshot of that email shows Dixon saying:

Per your request for information on a Fast and Furious book, I was told to direct your questions to the FBI and also to provide you with a link to this story:

The message then linked to a story titled Fast And Fallacious: Pavlich's Book On ATF Operation Filled With Falsehoods. At the time of this writing, Dixon has not responded to Breitbart News to confirm that she sent the email shown in the tweet.
Well, of course not; you think she wants to admit to it? Especially considering
UPDATE : Deparment of Justice PR Katie Dixon also worked for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing For America, according to her LinkedIn profile. [Editor's note: following the publication of this article, the Past Employers section of Dixon's LinkedIn profile has been made private.]

With all the paid PR flacks at DoJ, they have to refer people to Media Matters to defend Holder?

Speaking of Gunwalker, the gentleman at Sipsey Street has been having some serious health problems(yeah, should have mentioned this sooner), but is finally about to go home. Let's hope he heals up and gets back to making Holder & Napolitano & Co. more miserable than ever.

And, from Codrea,
It’s significant, because the report was prepared by Special Agent Hope McAllister, reviewed by then-Group VII Supervisor David Voth and then- Phoenix Field Division Special Agent in Charge William Newell, and concerns the border stop of Operation Fast and Furious suspect Manuel Celis-Acosta, who was let go with the stated excuse that he had promised to help identify cartel gun buyers. Over the weekend, Gun Rights Examiner posted a copy of Celis-Acosta’s arrest report by the Phoenix Police Department from the month before, another instance where he was inexplicably released without charges.
'Inexplicably', lot of that going around in this, isn't there?

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