Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well, yeah.
When politicians say "spread the wealth," translate that as "concentrate the power," because that is the only way they can spread the wealth. And once they get the power concentrated, they can do anything else they want to, as people have discovered — often to their horror — in countries around the world.

So, does that mean Napolitano is out of a job? And DHS will be closed? If not, why not?
Hey, we could get rid of the morons in TSA, too!

It's just past 1000, and for some reason I'm bloody starving for pizza... that Mazzio's opens when, again?

Glenn B
had a comment on the 'shoot all the dogs' story I posted on the other day. Good thoughts.
Ok, I don't think anyone but a nut-level animal-rights type would yell about an officer shooting an actual attacking/threatening to attack dog when called for; problem is, as Uncle once put it, so many agencies seem to have a policy of "Shoot the dogs first" whether there's actual reason for it or not. Which caused a thought to come to me last night: being much more cynical than I used to be, I can see some brass meeting with lawyers and deciding "If we shoot ANY dog in the place every time, we'll get some heat, but we can say "Standing policy!". Whereas if we tell them to only shoot dogs that are actually threatening or attacking, we'll have to explain each time why the officers shot Fido." No, doesn't make a lot of sense, really; neither does shooting dogs that AREN'T actually attacking; or hiding under a table or cowering in a corner.

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