Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ever heard of a nutcase called Amanda Marcotte?

If you haven't, no big loss.
Well, I have to point out that it’s conservatives, who are much more likely to not only be religious but to think that religion should be pushed on people for their own good, who are currently supporting a legal right to run around in the streets gunning people down for no other reason than you find their skin color to be darker than what you prefer around these parts.
I took a quick look at the site this came from; appears she's a nutcase-level atheist, as well as a bigot.

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Windy Wilson said...

What is it with reading comprehension with these morons? The Florida "Stand your Ground" law has the word "reasonably" more times in it than a soldier's conversation has the word "F**king" in it>
You can't just off somone because you don't like the skin color, it has to be determined to be reasonable to dislike that skin color by the authorities, which hasn't been the case with white on black crime in over 40 years.
Not just a nutcase-level athiest and bigot, an absolute moron, too, who needs a minder if she's to be allowed on the street or to speak in public.