Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No, farmer Schipper, the country has not 'turned on you':

we're just tired of paying subsidies for crap so politicians can buy your vote.

And, from the same people who used to say if you weren't for ethanol you were a hater of Mom Gaia,
The concern over the global food crisis added new urgency to existing campaigns against the use of corn ethanol. Environmental groups had argued that its use offered no meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – in part because of the vast use of energy and water in the ethanol conversion process.

As a food crop, corn is also far more damaging to the environment than other crops, such as soybeans, because it uses more pesticides and fertiliser.

"The research is very clear by now. Turning corn into ethanol is not environmentally sound," said Bill Freese of the Centre for Food Safety. "It's really an environmental disaster."


Ted said...

Some people are beginning to express concern that corn is not a very healthy feed source for livestock either. You see, corn has less omega 3's than other food sources for livestock. When the livestock eats less omega 3, it has less omega 3 in its meat, eggs, and milk. So when we in turn eat the livestock and products from the livestock, we get less omega 3.

Salmon aren't rich in Omega 3 because they're magical. Their food source in the ocean is very omega 3 dense.

Last Chance Safari Company said...

So tired of stupid people. there is petroleum and from petroleum we can get gasoline to operate my otto. we can make a product from corn or soybeans or lots of other vegetable matter that will also operate my otto engine. But magically the people selling petroleum price their otto fuel slightly less than the vegetable industry industry's otto fuel.. can you guess why? but as long as the public is aware that there is another source for otto fuel, we are not completely at the mercy of the petroleum folks, until the government commissions some silly science folks to make you believe that the penquins will die if you use vegetable otto fuel.