Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I think, if I were honeymooning in the Seychelles

(or just vacationing) I might be careful in the water...
A BRITISH bridegroom was killed by a shark off an idyllic honeymoon island yesterday - as the horrified bride he wed 11 days ago looked on.
It was the second attack by a Bull shark in two weeks on Praslin Island in the Seychelles - 20 miles from where Prince William and wife Kate honeymooned.
A Seychelles tourism source said: "The latest bite marks are consistent with that of a Bull shark. It is probably the same rogue maneater."
Which does bring up: is there an official difference between a 'rogue' and one that's just discovered that humans are easier to catch than fish?

Ok, what is it with honeymooners and sharks all of a sudden? In this case, being on a surfboard in the same water as the seals the big sharks like to eat probably isn't the best idea you could have.


Bob said...

I read that the man had his leg bitten off at the thigh, so he presumably bled out via the femoral artery, which can kill you in a minute or less.

Recently gunnies have been taking "blowout kits" with them to ranges; I think that, if I were to be swimming in areas where shark attacks have recently occurred, I'd pack a tourniquet in my swim trunks, or at the very least a bit of paracord.

Firehand said...

Not a bad thought at all. Especially since we've found out that all the 'use a tourniquet, lose the limb' stuff isn't true.

Besides which, with wounds like that, what else are you going to do?