Monday, August 15, 2011

Manuals and such

Some of these sites have previously been listed by others, but after I looked at one a little earlier I decided it wouldn't hurt to list all such sites I know of. There'll be some duplication from others posts, but can't hurt

Benelli manuals

Steve's pages: owner's manuals, Army field manuals, parts lists, LOTS of stuff

The Lee-Enfield Rifle

Speaking of which, how to wrap a pull-throughAlso, the Lee-Enfield Training Rifles

Nicolaus Assoc. 'free stuff' page; information on the Garand, M14/M1A, and other rifles

Unblinking Eye gun pages: information pages on lots of domestic & foreign-made handguns

Captech International, obsolete and hard-to-find cartridge cases

Russian Mosin Nagant, including some information on foreign variants

Olive-Drab, lots on US weapons and equipment, the Dragunov sniper and some variants

Sniper Country; what do you think it's about?j, just about everything on the Mosin

Fr. Frog's Pad; firearm & firearm related stuff, including a page on homemade cleaners & lubes

Varmint Al; a whole bunch of stuff, including making tri/bipods, tuning, and a nice mini-lathe page

The Home Gunsmith. The gentleman died earlier this year, but the page is still up. Just knowing that viewing the site probably pisses the Brit government off is enough to make it worth looking at.

M1 Garand serial # and stock cartouche list

The CMP Home Page. Sales of firearms, parts, accessories, ammo. Also tech information, how-to, and if you go to 'rifle sales' and click on the M1 Carbine tab, several articles on ammunition, shooting tips and such.

Swiss Rifles.Com; just about everything you want or need to know about them

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Marstar Canada: assembly/disassembly for a bunch of pistols

That's it for now, as I've got some stuff to take care of and my eyes are crossing. If you know of a good site, let me know and I'll add it.

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