Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My new project: grease test

A while back, while researching something else, I ran across this page on the subject of lubrication, and found mention of this stuff
There are good greases around, but- not being able to leave things alone- I did some digging and found a lot of people saying good things about this stuff. Bad thing is it's hard to get hold of, but I was able to get hold of a bit(the above is the can before I took some out); only place I could find it is to order directly from Lubriplate(if you're technically minded the MSDS and product data sheets are also available on their website).

This is going to be very subjective, as I don't have the equipment/background to properly test such. What I've done so far is take a revolver and a semi-auto(both recently fired), clean out all the old lubes as part of the cleaning process and re-lube with this stuff.

Just to try it everywhere, on the revolver I used it on the hammer pin and trigger pin, where I'd always used oil, as well as everything else. Reassembled, I can say the actions work very smoothly and it takes very little of the stuff to do the job('just enough' is the intention with any lube, generally). So I'll shoot these next time at the range, store them between shoots in a hot place and otherwise see if the stuff stays where it should, then open the revolver up and see how it looks inside. The semi-auto will get the same cleaning I usually do, which means fresh on the rails and such after each cleaning for the carry piece. I may take another pistol and clean & lube it, then just keep using it and see how the stuff holds up.


Bob said...

George over at Mad Ogre has been pimping a lube called "Slipstream" for a while now, says it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. If the stuff you are currently testing doesn't work out, you might give Slipstream a try and let us know how it works out.

Roger said...

THE recommended lubricant for the M1 Garand. Hot or cold, wet or dry, no oil anywhere. Lubriplate's the one and has been for 70 years.
If it works there, it'll work anywhere.

Firehand said...

I've heard of Slipstream, looked at the info at the Crusader site. May get some later to try out, but one thing at a time.

I thought about that, Roger; was a different grease issued with the M1, but still from Lubriplate. Still good stuff, too. This is supposed to be less affected by oxidation; we'll see, best I can.

Anonymous said...

Used this stuff when I was in the Navy. Works great on outboard wetted equipment. But, any crap that is around will get stuck in the grease.
As a gun lube? Probably would spend a lot of time cleaning semi's and shot guns.