Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As somebody asked, Where ARE the Republican

presidential candidates on Gunwalker? This is a big damned bloody mess that includes violations of federal law, murder, lying to Congress and so forth, so why don't we have a statement from any of them saying "If it's not all dug up, I will dig through EVERYTHING to find who's responsible, and hold them accountable"?


Anonymous said...

They are to busy trying to lie their way into office to be bothered by something so inconsequential. The pitifully few people that actually give a damn don't comprise big enough numbers for them to bother with.
They would much rather pander to the go along to get along crowd and not make waves.

Anonymous said...

I heard Herman Cain address it directly in an interview on Fox when asked about illegal immigration. He said not only was the government neglectful in implementing existing law, but they were actually breaking the law by running guns into Mexico. I do wish the candidates would make a bigger deal about this, though.
-Jim in Texas

Sigivald said...

What's in it for them?

I mean, who's going to vote for them because it it who wasn't already going to?

That's why.