Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A: Carry your damn gun

B: If you can't carry it outside, keep it where you can get to it. Fast.
C: If he doesn't own one, he'd better get one; not only does he have to worry about the felons, he's now had his life threatened by the family of one of the felons.

I have to say, this possibly idiot statement stands out:
LaVelle, who runs sports leagues composed of youths and adults of different races, said he doesn't want any retaliation on the people who attacked him. But the attack has instilled fear in him and his family, and he hopes that there will be more of a police presence in the neighborhood.
Mr. LaVelle, if you're indicating you're not wanting to see them in jail, you're a fool. They came close to killing you, and do you think they'd have any problem going after your wife and kids as well? Or anyone else they decide needs a beating? There has to be a price for actions like theirs, or you just encourage more of it.

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