Thursday, September 29, 2011

And, in more fun news, range day

Checking zero on the Mauser, in case I'm able to go attempt to convert Bambi to ambient temperature, and some general fun shooting. Barring something nasty happening to the rifle, if I do get a shot and blow it I can't blame it; it was still dead-on.

Put 80 rounds through the .45 conversion. I had three rounds in a row that wouldn't cycle the action fully, but I'm blaming the ammo for that: the empties ejected with all the energy of a just-fed kitten and traveled maybe three inches from the pistol. All others cycled with no problems. The grease is good.

It should be noted Pachmayr grips are worth every penny, especially on something of a magnum persuasion.

I took the Martini 12/15 along, and tried it with Federal Auto Match ammo, just to see; it shot very well. I want to find a way to stick a scope on this rifle for ammo testing, as even with the excellent Parker Hale sights I have some trouble anymore at 100 yards with irons. Or maybe try a bigger black bullseye...

H&H doesn't allow draw & fire, so the Banner Road range(where went today) is the only place I can live-fire that; it's been a while, but didn't do too bad. I can also do things like backing & firing(opening distance from the target) if there's nobody else on the pistol side. I need to check and see if I can find a class of the type Tam has been hitting, I could use it.

I think I shall now treat myself to dining out, and then start cleaning guns.

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