Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heard a squeak from the back of the Honda

when braking the other day, so checked all the brake pads. The front aren't much trouble, though you do have to lay down; the back you just can't see. Happily the design on this bike makes it easy to pull them: pull off a little rubber cover, unscrew and pull the locator pin and the pads just slide out of the caliper.

And oh, yeah, there's new pads in the very near future. Not down to the plates, but worn enough that they need replacement. The front, happily, are in very good shape.
Added: I ordered the pads the evening I posted this; Monday morning got e-mail notice that they'd shipped. That's excellent. Place called Power Barn.
Added: It's Wednesday, and they were in the mail today.

In other bike news, son had a nasty problem with his bike a couple of months ago; nasty as in 'time to rebuild the motor' time. Called the other day with a really interesting rumble in the background: got it assembled and in the frame, timing & so forth triple-checked, hooked up the battery, turned the key and pushed the button; it lit off on the third crank. This is going to be interesting for him to get used to: the rebuild used different cylinders, pistons & rings and so forth and a new ignition chip, the 748 is now a 850. With a scary jump in horsepower and torque.
Note: He also picked up a new chain and sprockets from this place: said they had the best price he found. And he received them two days after ordering. Probably where I'll get mine when needed.
'Course, considering the way things are going, I might go ahead and get them; that way I'll have them ready, and if the price jumps I'll have beat it.

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