Friday, September 30, 2011

A good outline of Gunwalker

in Forbes; and, I say once again, the FBI is in this up to its groomed eyebrows:
Actually, it’s even worse than that: According to court records obtained by Fox News, two of 20 alleged smugglers who were later indicted in the Fast and Furious investigation had felony convictions. As gun-stores must run a person’s name through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) before selling that person a firearm, this should have stopped these felons from buying even one measly.22 rifle.

Congressional and law-enforcement sources say this situation suggests the FBI, which operates the NICS system, had to have knowingly allowed the purchases to go forward after consulting with the ATF. Given that we know the director of the FBI was in on at least one early meeting on this issue, this seems logical.
Why yes, it does.

The title of the article is "Fast And Furious" Just Might Be President Obama's Watergate; but let us keep pointing out that nobody died in Watergate, but Fast & Furious has stacked bodies by the dozens.

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