Monday, September 26, 2011

According to son, he's thinking of going to a smaller rear sprocket

on the Ducati. In part because that new extra 100cc causes things like the previous amount of throttle to cause the front end to depart contact with Earth with the factory-size.

I wouldn't want it myself, but LORD, that's a machine!


Roger said...

I had a Ducati 900 SS for 6 years and 60,000 miles. Quite a few of them on a track. I removed the federal govt from the engine, changed cams, pistons etc, and removed some of the weight. It was the most fun machine I ever owned. Superb handling, light, responsive, great torque and overall, an extremely fast motorcyle. My (at that time) 57 year old self regularly humiliated the hot wiener riders on their far more powerful rice rockets at several tracks.
There is a lot to be said for a wide powerband, light weight, a stiff chassis with high quality suspension & good tires.
It was also painted in good Italian RED paint.
Not only that, but the bike was really reliable. 60,000 miles & all I had to do is replace chains, sprockets and a voltage regulator.


Firehand said...

He had to do the voltage regulator about six-eight months ago; apparently it's a 'you WILL wind up replacing it' due to the location(heat exposure).

I've ridden it a number of times, and it's impressive as hell; as you say, a very good engine/tranny and the handling/stability were kind of amazing. If not for the bloody-awful seating position, I'd have coveted it a bit.