Friday, September 30, 2011

Big reason why I couldn't be happy with Christie

running for President: he's a anti-2nd Amendment gun-ban fan, pure and simple.


Bob said...

He's still a Republican, which puts him one up over Obama. At least Christie will know which side his butter is breaded on (not intended as a fat joke, it just worked out that way).

Firehand said...

He may have a 'R' after his name, but I don't trust him not to play 'hands across the aisle' with this and help the Democrats try to shove something through

markm said...

I'd put it this way: I will vote against Christie in the primary. I may donate to one of his opponents. I will vote against Obama even if the Republicans nominate Christie, but I won't contribute to any Republican campaign that isn't working to kick the statists out of any position of power within that party.