Friday, September 30, 2011

Proof that Oklahoma isn't safe from the nanny-state idiots

Specifically, in this case, the OKC city council:
Fast-food menu signs are not currently regulated by the city, so right now, restaurants can make them as large as they want. A public hearing to discuss changes will be held Tuesday at the Oklahoma City city council meeting.
So, apparently, all the real problems are taken care of, since they have time to waste on this.

I heard something about this after the meeting; restaurant owners pointed out they've already got Obamacare & other new rules to jump through the hoops of, and why are you screwing with us on this? It was put off for 'further study', which probably means 'till we can find a less-intrusive way of screwing with things'.

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Phelps said...

The funny thing is that one of the things I like about In-N-Out is the menu board in the drive through.