Monday, July 04, 2011

One thing I will note about yesterday's adventures:

it seems morphine doesn't do a damn thing for pain. For me, at least. I don't think the doc really believed me; fuck him, I had the first-hand information. And did most of the typing I did today with one hand

And, since it's still the 4th, an inspiring pic stolen from Theo:

I shall now manage a shower, closely followed by collapse. 'Night, all


Anonymous said...

It seems at least for my family genetics morphine and its derivatives might as well be hallucinogenics.

Every time my father had to go in for surgery we begged the docs NOT to give him morphine. Naturally they knew better and we had to spend the night riding herd on all the animals that kept crawling out of his bedroom walls.

txsand said...

I recently had morphine prior to a minor surgical procedure. While it made me feel a little warm and fuzzy, it and anesthesia really did nothing for the pain.

Anonymous said...

You are likely under-medicated, thanks to the "War On Drugs" (tm).

Your doctor is likely scared shitless to properly medicate you for fear that the feds might take away his license and plop him in the slammer.

My wife is a chronic pain patient and and has fought this for years.

Firehand said...

I remember Dad after surgery years back; they were giving him morphine and it wasn't doing squat. Probably is something genetic. And since my ex has some odd drug reactions, the kids may have an interesting mix.

My sympathies; I've read far too much of patients and doctors being screwed over by idiots in the DEA and DoJ. May not be the case for me; I asked the pharmacist about the dosage, and he said they'd given me a pretty hefty total. Weird, really, except for being so tired from the late hour and pain I could have driven myself home if I'd had to.