Sunday, July 03, 2011

About that 'graceful' post

a couple of days ago:
Over the years I have gone rappelling(in not the best of circumstances), rock climbing, hiked through bad places, ridden motorcycles and driven four-wheel vehicles(sometimes in ways, it's amazing I'm alive), been in the SCA and hit people with sticks, all kinds of things. In all that time, the two worst injuries I've suffered from such:
Getting knocked off a bicycle by a speed bump, and
A few days ago, I fell off a sidewalk.

"?" you're thinking. Raised walk, left foot slipped off and somehow managed to do something to my leg. Yesterday, I noticed a ginormous bruise of downright appalling color that wasn't there the day before; it apparently took five freakin' days for it to finally reveal itself. Which, at least, gives hope that that's all it is, and a few more days will take care of the matter.

Yeah, it's a nice excuse to put the leg up, but damn...

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Keith said...

simillar circumstances, but at least you have a bruise to show where the real injury is.

My hip hurts like hell, but I'm reasonably sure that the actual injury is a twist in my back.

I took a pal's Ford V6 engined off roader for a spin yesterday, and it stopped on me, it would fire once each time I tried, but then just keep turning over on the starter without firing again.

I spent a couple of hours going through the whole fuel system, cleaned water traps, took 3 way valves to pieces, sucked gas fumes through rubber pipes, then for some reason, I tried holding the choke valves shut, and it ran, so drove it home with the air filter off, and my thumb working the choke.

Give me a diesel anytime, there're two less variables to work out, no spark, and all diesels run way lean.

WV says "cursen"

I was.